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Michelle Haney Maddux

Mae Haney Grennan and Michelle Haney Maddux in Washington Life April 2007 issue
Mae Haney Grennan and Michelle Haney Maddux
Appeared in: The Corcoran Ball on April 2007

First Lady Laura Bush and President George W. Bush, Salem Al-Sabah and Rima Al-Sabah, Chris and Kathleen Matthews, Ina Ginsburg, Queen Noor, Sheila Johnson, Harold Ford Jr., Michelle Haney Maddux and Mae Haney Grennan, Kirsten Pollin, Nin in Washington Life September 2006 issue
First Lady Laura Bush and President George W. Bush, Salem Al-Sabah and Rima Al-Sabah, Chris and Kathleen Matthews, Ina Ginsburg, Queen Noor, Sheila Johnson, Harold Ford Jr., Michelle Haney Maddux and Mae Haney Grennan, Kirsten Pollin, Nin
Appeared in: COVER STORY WL'S ANNUAL 100 MOST INVITED on September 2006

Michelle Haney Maddux, Sassy Jacobs and Katelin Dial in Washington Life June 2006 issue
Michelle Haney Maddux, Sassy Jacobs and Katelin Dial
Appeared in: CORCORAN BALL on June 2006

Bo Blair, Michelle Haney Maddux and
Lindsay Stroud in Washington Life March 2006 issue
Bo Blair, Michelle Haney Maddux and Lindsay Stroud
Appeared in: Celebrating the Release of the Young the Guest List on March 2006

From left to right: Adrian Talbott, Mae Haney Grennan, Enrico Cecchi, Charles Goorah, Amy Holmes, Ashley Taylor, Marco Minuto, Toby Moore, Mary Moffett, Mat Lapinski, Eleanore Richards de Sole, and Michelle Haney Maddux. in Washington Life February 2006 issue
From left to right: Adrian Talbott, Mae Haney Grennan, Enrico Cecchi, Charles Goorah, Amy Holmes, Ashley Taylor, Marco Minuto, Toby Moore, Mary Moffett, Mat Lapinski, Eleanore Richards de Sole, and Michelle Haney Maddux.
Appeared in: 2006 THE YOUNG THE GUEST LIST on February 2006

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