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Michael Saylor

upper side: Michael Saylor and
Lisa LaFontaine.
left side: Pamela Brown.
right side: Kathryn Minor
and Spot in Washington Life May 2008 issue
upper side: Michael Saylor and Lisa LaFontaine. left side: Pamela Brown. right side: Kathryn Minor and Spot
Appeared in: FASHION FOR PAWS Italian Embassy on May 2008

Michael Saylor, Rynthia Rost, Katie Rost, Joe Buccine,
and Joel Limmerick in Washington Life February 2008 issue
Michael Saylor, Rynthia Rost, Katie Rost, Joe Buccine, and Joel Limmerick
Appeared in: 27TH ANNUAL CHORAL ARTS SOCIETY GALA on February 2008

MICHAEL SAYLOR in Washington Life June 2007 issue
Appeared in: wealth List on June 2007

Michael Saylor and Karin Tanabe in Washington Life February 2007 issue
Michael Saylor and Karin Tanabe
Appeared in: Choral Arts Society Holiday Gala on February 2007

Katy Borcitelt and Michael Saylor in Washington Life September 2006 issue
Katy Borcitelt and Michael Saylor
Appeared in: Honoring Tom Davis w John McCain on September 2006

Lana Hamilton and Michael Saylor in Washington Life November 2005 issue
Lana Hamilton and Michael Saylor
Appeared in: 15 minutes of fame with the corcoran 1869 society on November 2005

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