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Ingrid Aielli

Writer JUDITH "MISS MANNERS" MARTIN and INGRID AIELLI at Carnevale on February 20th at Teatro Goldoni restaurant, where owner-chef Fabrizio Aielli served classic Venetian dishes and wines to "Save Venice" supporters.
Appeared in: Around Town on April 2007

Ingrid Aielli and Chef Fabrizio Aielli of Teatro Goldoni in Washington Life Summer 2006 issue
Ingrid Aielli and Chef Fabrizio Aielli of Teatro Goldoni
Appeared in: Venetian Masters with Lila Castellaneta on Summer 2006

Bill Schieffer and Ingrid Aielli
at Teatro Goldoni, 2001 in Washington Life September 2005 issue
Bill Schieffer and Ingrid Aielli at Teatro Goldoni, 2001
Appeared in: Classic WASHINGTON LIFE on September 2005

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