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White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner

Darrell Green

Ryan Sutter and
Trista Rehn “The Bachelorette”

Helen Thomas



Mr. and Mrs. Buzz Aldrin

Wolf Blitzer
God Bless the Press

No Ozzy, no Sharon, but there were plenty ofother celebrities, not to mention the president,generals, political leaders, an astronaut, and ohyes, members of the press at the annual WhiteHouse Correspondents' Association Dinner onApril 26. A more reverential tone was evident atthis year's event at the Washington Hilton, indeference to the journalists who died coveringthe war in Iraq. President Bush paid tribute tothem, singling out David Bloom of NBC andMichael Kelly, editor at large of The AtlanticMonthly. There were pre-dinner parties withstars from "Th e West Wing," "Law and Order,"and "Law and Order: SVU" and BloombergNews hosted their annual post-party at theRussian Federation Trade Ministry.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

General Richard Myers & wife Jo Ann

Kathy Arbeic, Joane Biskuipc & Ted Olson

Jason Priestly

Richard Branson,
CEO, Virgin Airways

              Photos by Felix Marquez


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