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Washington Ballet Jeté Society Dance Party

Christine Manula and Warren Brown

Alvaro Palau and Erin Mahoney

Co-Chair Kathryn Sugerman, Washington Ballet Jeté
Society President ErikaHemphill, Co-Chair
Daphne Glover and Artistic Director Septime Webre

Kali Kondury and Kay Kendall

Sarah Williams
and Philip Bermingham
Polyester Required

Just when you thought it was safe to burnall your polyester pantsuits, along comes aninvitation to the Jete Society's Dance Party withthe words, "Polyester Required" printed acrossit. The 300 enthusiastic supporters who turnedup at the French Embassy on November 16 tookthe dress code very seriously. The only thingswider than their smiles were their lapels. TheWashington Ballet dancers not only performedseveral steamy dance numbers throughout thenight, but they also made sure that everyonewas out on the dance floor grooving to the 70stunes that played until the wee hours. And yes,everyone did the locomotion.

Joe Howard

John and Natalie Longwell

Debbie Sigmund
and David Crommelly

April Daly

Man Bonifant
and Fernando Batista

Washington Ballet Dancers

              Photos by Zaid Hamid except #11 by Sara De Vore


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