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The Reptilian Cotillion

Adam Mahr, Laura Traa,
Christal Cipriani,
Maedi Carney & Jeff Pfeifle

Kerri Benett,
Jay Erwin & Kathlenn Jenkins

Larry Kipler, Seyhan Duru and Ardra O’Neal

Lindsay Stroud, Shannon Delany,
Drew Stroud, & Nicole Ross

Peter Moore,
Kathryn Killeen & Carter Cusick
Sowing the Seeds

This year's Reptilian Cotillion was all aboutmore, more, more. More guests than everattended - a sellout crowd of over 800 ofWashington's most social singles, (okay theyweren't all single, but they were all actingsingle!) More sushi and carving stations, morepeople lining up for martinis, more dancing,(thanks to Jonny White and the Elite), andmore raffle prizes, with great gifts fromsupporters like Sports Club/LA, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Mint Julep's, and Boone &Sons. More money was also raised than ever, atotal in excess of $30,000 for the SEED Schoolof Washington, D.C., the nation's first urbanboarding school. And, most importantly, morecookies than ever before. The Frisbee-sizedcookies were devoured by hungry guests asthey grew weary from hours of partying. Hey,networking, drinking, dancing, and raisingmoney are hard work!

Kelly Mickerson,
Jeffrey Adams & Leslie Bozeman

John Mason, Susan Roberts,
Melissa & Michael Brown

Ashley Gerstenfeld,
John Couch & Carol Pasley

Melissa Curtin
& Adam Norton

Joe Tauscher
& Jessica Greene

Valerie Santos,
Winston Bao Lord
& Chris Young

Tiara Hickman
& Bob Millrabt

Rachel Lavender,
Lauren Eastman
& Amy Symons

              Photos by Geoffrey T. Chesman


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