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Lab School Gala

Billy Bob Thornton
& Nancy Taylor Bubes

John Dreyfus
& Emily Magall

Clarence & Lisa Page

Darby and Karl Rove

Billy Bob and Friends

Honorees at the 18th annual benefit for the school that specializes ineducating children with learning disabilities included actor BillyBob Thornton, director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns HopkinsUniversity Medical Center, Dr. Ben Carson, Olympic gold medalistJohn (the "skeleton") Shea, Jr., and the head of the Chicago MercantileBoard of Trade John Sandner. The co-chairs at the Nov. 18 event held atthe Washington Hilton were Darby Rove and Jane Abraham. 700,000was raised in support of the school's innovative programs.

Jerry & Sheila Cave

Jellie van der Steeg
& NetherlandsAmbassador
Bohdewijn van Eenennaan

Dr. Starmanda Bullock

Grace Bender &
John McLaughlin

Peter Fleck,
Jimmy Shea & Jonathan Bell

              Photos by Kyle Samperton


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