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Best Friends Foundationís Rockiní in the USA Gala
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Sweet Talkiní Guys

Happy Days! It was that time of year again- time toget out the poodle skirts, leather jackets, shades, bluejeans, and bobby socks for Best Friends Foundationísannual homage to rock-n-roll. Invitations to theApril 20 gala at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotelcame with a cardboard pink convertible filled withboxes of yummy í50s candy, Good ĎN Plenty andSugar Babies, and hot pink plastic-framed sunglasses.Judging by their t-shirts, there were a lot ofsweet talkiní guys at the party. Guests included honorarychairs Steve Case and wife Jean, Angie andJohn Marriott, national chairs Wayne and CatherineReynolds, Lady Meyer (sporting pigtails and balancinga hula-hoop around her midriff with precision),HUD Secretary Mel Martinez and his wife Kitty,Fred and Marlene Malek, John and CristinaMcLaughlin, Robert and Mica Mosbacher, BethDozoretz, and Ecudorean Ambassador Ivonne A-Baki.More than $1.1million was raised for the BestFriends Foundation. Happy Days indeed!

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