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Jill Schroeder and Tim Vieth’s Engagement Party

Cami and Tevi Troy with Tim Vieth & Jill Schroeder

Marit David, Dina Powell,
Kristen Silverberg,
Dan Senor & Pamela Theissen

Laura L.Cox, Joe McMonigle,
Majida Dandy & Jason Van Buren

Julianna Glover-Weiss
& Nina Rees

Bushie Officially Hitched

Amy Holmes, A. Mark Neuman, Nina Rees and Juleanna Glover Weisshosted an engagement party for Dept.of Energy's Jill Schroeder, who is theprincipal deputy director of publicaffairs at DOE and Tim Vieth whois with STR Trading Partners inManhattan. The party was held atJulianna and Jeffrey Weiss's Kaloramahome in late July. A great mix ofpeople from The White House, Dept.of Energy and the media came to celebrate including Sonya Medina, policyadvisor to Laura Bush, BuisnessWeek'sAlex Starr and the Washington Post'sLloyd Grove. The happy couple wasmarried on August 17 in the bride'shometown of Evansville, Indiana.

Kimberly and David Kuo

Sarah Yousef, Joel Kaplan
& Nina Shokrai Rees

Gwen & Stuart Holliday

A. Mark Neuman


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