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Children ís Hearing and Speech Center Benefit

Italian Ambassador Ferdinando Salleo, his wife Anne Marie & John Richardson

Caroline Pagon, Kay Tabbarah & Perry Ausbrook

David Bass, Jimmy Corrigan, Sam Corrigan, Richard Moroscak & Patrick Holley

Country Barbecue

Italian Ambassador Ferdinando Salleo and his wife Anne Mariegraciously opened Villa Firenze to guests on June 4 for the annualChildren's Hearing and Speech Center barbecue. Al fresco diningwas accompanied by the sounds of Sinatra band Swing Town. Proceedsfrom the benefit will support the specialty programs of the Center,including universal newborn hearing screening programs, augmentativeand alternative communication for children with severe communicationdisorders, and cochlear implants.

Wiley and Janis Buchanan

Kathleen and Griff Jenkins, Cliff and Sallie McKinney

Taft Snowdon & Catherine Roberts

Cynthia Bolton, Chris and Meredith Hughes

              Photos by Doug Sonders


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