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Capital Club’s Summer Sinatra Soiree

Becky Welder and Gray Stream

Kelly McVearry, Anna Spence,
Nels Olson, and Deardre Smith

Debbie MacFarland and Jennifer Murphy

Girls, Girls, Girls

This year's Sinatra Soiree at theGalleria on July 18 was the biggestever, with 725 partygoers in attendance. More shocking than theplunging necklines and rising hemsthat have become de rigueur at CapitalClub events was the total genderdisparity, only one-fourth of theparty guests were men. The other 500attendees were gorgeous gals lookingfor a night of martini swilling andswing dancing, and there was a lot ofboth going on. Fueled by the massive consumption of Red Bull, guestshad to be dragged off the dance floorwhen the Thursday night fete drewto a close well after midnight. Alsoworth noting is that Capital Club has19 new members in its ranks (the clubhas a fixed membership of 100). Weasked past club president Jeff Kimbellwhy so many members had decidedto hang up their hats and leave thisyear (especially given those 3-1 odds).He explained that as the members getolder, get married, and eventually havekids, their wives really start to protest.Who can blame them!

Meg Gregory and Kate Green

Mary Sumter Johnson, Brad Rossin,
and Brandy Wilson

Ashley Windsor, Dylan Glenn,
Angie Cooper, and Keenan Delaney

Lindsay Stroud, Billy Pietragallo

              Photos by Geoffrey T. Chesman


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