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Allison LaLand & Faika Atallah, wife of the Tunisian Ambassador

Tunisian Embassy Chargé d’Affaires
Tarek Azouz & his wife Raoudha
Azouz & Tunisian Ambassador
Hatem Atallah

Debbie Joseph & Paraguayan
Ambassador Leila Rachid-Cowles

56th Anniversary Gala

CARE, the international relief and developmentalorganization, celebrated its 56th anniversary onMay 10 with a host of embassy dinners followed bydessert and dancing at a ball at the Organizationof American States. Among the many guestswere Tunisian Ambassador Hatem Atallah and hiswife Faika, Paraguayan Ambassador Leila Rachid-Cowles, Belgian Ambassador Alex Reyn and hiswife Rita, Swedish Ambassador Jan Eliasson andhis wife Kerstin, George and Arleen Hesse, andAllison LaLand. CARE’s global reach extends tomore than 35 million people in over 60 countriesannually; the organization’s goal is to save lives,build self-sufficiency, and promote the cause ofhuman dignity. $540,000 was raised at the gala.

Yekta Gulpira, Vice-Chairman
of the JointChiefs
of Staff Gen. Peter Pace
& his wife Lynn

Julio Heurtemake
& Marty Alafoginis

Kerstin Eliasson &
Swedish Ambassador Jan Eliasson

George & Arleen Hesse

              Photos by Lili Iravani


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