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Washington Life’s 11 Year Anniversary Party

Nancy Conrad & Michael Winston

Nini Ferguson & Giselle Theberge

Kay Kendall & Jack Davies

Willee Lewis, Hilda Brillembourg

Giuseppe and Mercedes Cecchi

Liz Boyer and Gene Sperling

Marina McClelland, Andreliz Bautista
and Cathy Kerkam

Ted Vogel, Catie Horst,
and Caleb Ward

Katie Poitevint and Matthew Deibert

Lolo Sarnoff and Blaise Mills

Jon Ledecky and Bobby Goldwater

Celebrating in Style at the Ritz-Carlton

What do you give for an 11-year anniversary? If you're Washington Lifemagazine, you treat supporters to a fabulous party at the Ritz-CarltonHotel. Over 500 guests filled the elegant tearoom, hallway, and theGrill restaurant of the Ritz at 22nd and M Streets for the magazine'sstylish cocktail celebration. What made this year's celebration so muchfun? (Some say it was the party of the year!) Maybe it was becauseguests missed each other during the summer hiatus, or as one party-goer offered, "This was the first party in Washington I've been to whereno one wants any money from me" Maybe it was the fantastic food.Chef Emory Santos created an enticing array of delectable desserts thatbegged to be sampled. There were lobster spring rolls, avocado crabcakes, salmon mousse, sushi, seared foie gras and salmon tartar savories.Maybe it was the fabulous libations that included WL publisherVicki Bagley's signature drink "Blue Parrots," passed around on trays.Whatever it was, this year's celebration was a definite hit.

Kip O’Neill

Connie Carter-Lawson

Robert and Mary Haft

Michelle duPont

Nancy Bagley, U.K.Ambassador
Sir Christopher Meyer and Lady Meyer, Vicki Bagley

Diana Reynolds &
Mary Ballou Ballantine

Finnish Ambassador Jukka Valtasaari
and his wife Ete Valtasaari

Kathy Kemper and Art Buchwald

Linda Roth and Jim Kimsey

George Chopivsky,
Nat Fogg and & Sebastian Vos

Hermen and Monica Greenberg

Simon Jacobsen & Tatiana Gau

Chuck Manatt and Molly Raiser

              Photos by Geoffrey T. Chesman


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