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What's Hot: To Give and To Get

Action Figure
You’ve always known that you would make a great super hero, well now youcan have the action figure to prove it. Take a trip to the Gentle Giant Studiosin California, where you will have a fullbody three-dimensional digital scanthat figure artisans will then mold, craft, sculpt, and paint into your very ownaction figure. But if your figure has not been getting as much action as youwould like lately, the experts will gladly scan their body bank of buff bods tolend you some abs of steel. What will your super hero name be? Availablethrough Neiman Marcus, for $7,500. 1-877-9NM-GIFT.

Some men wonder if it’s okay to get your special someone lingerie for the holidays.Of course it’s okay. It just has to be really nice, that’s all! No lucky lady would refusethis stunning camisole and thong set from Cosabella. Available at Sylene’s, forapproximately $96.00.

Chanel Ski Boots
Nothing will draw more envious stares or conjure up more images of slaloming downthe Swiss Alps than these incredible ski boots. Whether you are picking up the kidsor propping up your feet at the ski lodge, you will be the ultimate snow queen in thiskiller winter footwear. Available at Chanel for $650.00.

This is so much more than just a newer, smaller, faster phone. This jeweled mobilephone is available in stainless steel, platinum, and 18 karat gold ,but it ’s theincredible technology from Nokia which includes 24 hour concierge service, that is the realreason to shell out between $4,900 and $19,450. Dinner reservations, holiday travelplans, and theater tickets are only a sampling of the services they provide, to saynothing of its incredible clarity and promise to update your existing phone when newtechnology arises. Vertu is only available in eight select U.S. markets and Tysons Corneris one of them! Available at Neiman Marcus.

Look Good and Feel Good
The holidays can be a crazy time and what better present to give,than something that will help your loved ones look and feel as restedas they wish they were. As you are dashing about the mall trying tofind all the perfect presents, you may want to pop into GeorgetteKlinger and give yourself the “Holiday Radiance” treatment. Theirrenowned 9-Step Facial, Special Manicure plus Eye & Lip Makeupapplication is only $95.00, and a great gift for yourself and for your loved ones.

Bring the world’s most expensive six-pack to your next holidaydinner and you are sure to be the hit of the party. Daniel Mahdavianwith The St. Regis Hotel in Washington, D.C. developed theidea with Krug Champagne, and thus was born the six splits ofchampagne encased in a wooden box and held by a silk rope.Available at the St. Regis for $500.


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