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Redskinsí 70th Anniversary Gala

Former coach Joe Gibbs

Former player Jeff Bostic

Former defensive
lineman Dave Butz

Robin Theismann & former Redskin Joe Theismann

Redskins owner Dan Snyder

Chandler Tagliabue and her
husband Paul Tagliabue,
commissioner of the NFL

Former Redskins quarterback
Sonny Jurgenson

The Greatest

Guests entering the reception area of the Redskins' 70th Anniversary Gala were met bythe Hogettes, but a much more rousing welcome from the Redskinettes greeted all 1200 revelersas they descended into a sea of burgundy and gold for dinner in the ballroom. Spotted werefootball greats and fans Joe Theismann, Sonny Jurgensen, Art Monk, Bobby Mitchell, DarrellGreen, Monte Coleman, Joe Washington, former head coach Joe Gibbs, Virginia SenatorGeorge Allen (son of Hall of Fame coach George Allen), and Jim Kimsey, but veryfew current players, who were resting up for Sunday's game. Gary Clark and Ken Houston(two of the 70 Greatest Redskins) were delayed at the airport, causing them to arrive at theMarriott Wardman Park Hotel about three hours late, wearing sweatshirts and jeans, optingto leave their luggage and tuxes at the airport for the sake of time. They received hugeovations when introduced by Emcee Trey Wingo of ESPN, about 45 minutes after the rest of the70 Greatest had been introduced. The $750 ticket price included entertainment from Arliss actorRobert Wuhl, an impressive laser light show, and an inspiring NFL Redskins highlight filmfilled with tackles and touchdowns from the last 70 years. 1.5 million was raised for theteam's Leadership Council Youth Development Program.

Redskins cornerback Darrell Green

John Duncan and Doug Duncan

Susan Allen & Sen. George Allen

Former Redskin Charles Mann & Tyrena Mann
and former Redskin Ken Harvey and Janice Harvey

Redskins coach Steve Spurrier and his wife Jerri

              Photos by Zaid Hamid


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