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Corcoran Gallery of Artís 1869 Society Gala

Brendan Murray
& Jingjing Zong
Tertulia Celebration

Guests at The Corcoran Gallery of Art's 1869 Society cocktail party on November 9 twistedand tangoed into the night. This year's theme, "Tertulia: An Evening of SpanishSounds, Tastes,and Culture" celebrated the exhibition, "The Shape of Color: JoanMiro's Painted Sculpture." Partygoers were apparently equally intrigued by thisexhibit and one featuring handbags by Judith Leiber,dividing their time between the two. The 1869 Society isa group of 1200 young professionals who share a common love of art.

Rebecca Peters
and Beverly Barrett

Jason Maloni, Andi Medberg
and Carrie & Marc Frey

Tamy Polito, Mark Ein,
Jessica Parezo and Amy Symons

Rich and Ann Kane

Sadaf Saberi, Allison Hiltz,
Chris Nunes, Meray Redondo
and Mary Ellen Shuttleworth

              Photos by Hyon Smith


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