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The Washington Social A List for 2001

The President of the United States
     George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush
The Vice President of the United States
     Richard B. Cheney and Mrs. Cheney (Lynne)
Mr. and Mrs. Joe L. Allbritton (Barbara Jean)
Mrs. Susan Mary Alsop
The Honorable and Mrs. Howard H. Baker
     (Nancy Landon Kassebaum)
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Billington (Marjorie)
The Honorable and Mrs. William McCormick
     Blair, Jr. (Deeda)
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin C. Bradlee (Sally)
Ambassador of Brazil and Mrs. Rubens A.
     Barbosa (Maria Ignez)
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Bush (Margaret)
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Card (Kathleene)
Mrs. Robert H. Charles (Oatsie)
The Honorable William Jefferson Clinton and
     Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton
The Honorable and Mrs. Lloyd N. Cutler
     (Polly Kraft)
The Ambassador of France and Mrs. François
     Bujon de l’Estang (Anne)
Senator and Mrs. Thomas A. Daschle
     (Linda Hall)
Mr. and Mrs. Placido Domingo (Marta)
Senator Dianne Feinstein and Mr. Richard Blum
Mrs. William T. Finley, Jr. (Julie)
Mrs. Nancy McElroy Folger (Bitsey)
Mrs. Clayton Fritchey (Polly)
The Honorable Albert Gore, Jr. and
     Mrs. Gore (Tipper)
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Graham (Mary)
Mrs. Katharine Graham
Mr. C. Boyden Gray
The Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board and
     Mrs. Alan Greenspan (Andrea Mitchell)
Mr. and Mrs. Al Hunt (Judy Woodruff )
Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson (Maxine Isaacs)
Mr. Michael Kaiser
Senator and Mrs. Edward M. Kennedy (Vicky)
Mrs. Robert F. Kennedy (Ethel)
Senator and Mrs. John S. Kerry (Teresa Heinz)
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Koch (Doro Bush)

Senator and Mrs. Trent Lott (Tricia)
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Malek (Marlene)
Mr. and Mrs. Terence (Terry) McAuliffe (Dorothy)
Senator and Mrs. John McCain (Cindy)
The Honorable Robert S. McNamara
Mrs. Paul Mellon (Bunny)
The Ambassador of the United Kingdom
     Sir Christopher Meyer and Lady Meyer
Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and
     the Honorable John O’Connor
Secretary of the Treasury and
     Mrs. Paul H. O’Neil (Nancy)
Mr. and Mrs. Mandell J. Ourisman (Mary)
The Ambassador of Greece and
     Mrs. Alexandre Philon (Helene)
The Secretary of State and Mrs. Colin L. Powel
Mr. and Mrs. Earl A. (Rusty) Powell, III (Nancy)
Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist
Mr. and Mrs. James Hoagland
     (Jane Stanton Hitchcock)
The Honorable Conoleezza Rice
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Roberts (Cokie)
Senator and Mrs. John D. Rockefeller, IV
     (Sharon Percy)
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Russert (Maureen Orth)
The Honorable R. Sargent Shriver, Jr.
     (Eunice Kennedy)
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Slatkin (Linda Hohenfeld)
The Honorable and Mrs. Robert S. Strauss
The Ambassador of Saudi Arabia, His Royal
     Highness Prince Bander bin Sultan and
     Her Royal Highness Princess Haifa Al-Faisal
Senator Fred D. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Jack J. Valenti (Mary Margaret)
Senator John W. Warner
The Mayor and Mrs. Anthony Williams (Diane)
The Honorable Christine Todd Whitman and
     Mr. John Whitman
The President of the World Bank and Mrs. James
     Wolfensohn (Elaine)


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