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Washington Life Magazine

“All I Want for the Holidays...”

Washington Life
asked some of Washington’s most interesting
residents what they would like to receive for the holidays:
one thing that money can buy,
and one thing that money cannot.

We loved their answers and hope you will too



Michael Kahn, artistic director of the Shakespeare Theater

A computer tutor.
For the spirit of community that spread through our country afterSeptember 11th to continue all year long — and long after.


Lolo Sarnoff, artist and President and Founder of Arts for the Aging

New sheets for my bed and a non-leaking roof.
To have all my friends and family around me in my house in Vermont.


Ambassador Christopher Meyer of Great Britain

The Complete Works of Winston Churchill.
The single-mindedness, patience and courage to defeat terrorism.


Lucien Perkins, photographer, via satellite phone from Afghanistan

A Macintosh G4 Powerbook.
To be home safely by Christmas.


Laura Evans, Fox 5 News Anchor

A bodyguard like Whitney Houston has... I’ve been robbed twice recently.


Judy Woodruff, CNN prime anchor and senior correspondent

Nothing that can be bought—just the gift of being with my family andfriends—and time to cherish both.
Peace in the hearts of those who lost loved ones on September 11th. Andthe strength of character in all of us, as we confront the hard times in our livesnow, and in the days, and years, to come.


Marlene A. Malek, socialite and philanthropist

A good watch that keeps perfect time.
Presence of peace and goodwill throughout the world.


Lloyd Grove, Reliable Source for the Washington Post

Someone to donate their services to stand in line at the DC Motor VehiclesOffice, relieving me of the onerous bureaucratic ordeal of properly registering my car.
Good health and happiness to my friends and family.


Mr. William Nitze, President of the GEMSTAR Group and his wife Ann

Scuba diving lessons.
To control tourism and stop development of the Galapagos Islands.


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