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Honoring Robert Strauss at the Russian Ambassadorís Residence
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To Wit and Bridging the Tunnel

An evening celebrating the wit and wisdom of formerU.S. Ambassador to Russia Robert S. Strauss, includeda cocktail reception, buffet dinner, congratulatoryspeeches, and short classical music performances at theresidence of the Russian Ambassador, Yuriy V. Ushakovand his wife, Svetlana on March 6th. The weatheroutside was distinctly chilly, but a much warmeratmosphere prevailed indoors amid recent revelations ofa spy scandal and a secret American tunnel that existsunder the Russian Embassy. Ambassador Ushakov citedMr. Strauss for recognizing that the best way to bridgethe gap between the U.S. and the Russian Federation iswith wit, not by digging tunnels of suspicion.

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