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Villa Firenze Country Barbecue
Children’s Hearing & Speech Center Benefit

With the barbecue all fired up, a few hundred guests came out to the Italian ambassador’s residence onJune 7th for a country cookout to raise money and awareness for the Children’s Hearing and Speech Center.The Center was founded over 40 years ago and helps children with a variety of communication disorders,including cerebral palsy, head and brain injury, Down’s syndrome, and autism, among others. Dinner wasfollowed by dancing to the tunes of the New Columbia Swing in the paper lantern-lit tents. The onlydetails really missing from the evening were the Italian Ambassador and Mrs. Salleo themselves; thecouple were still in Italy, however the Italian Minister and his wife were in attendance.

Honorary Chair: Mrs. Ferdinand Salleo

Co-Chairs: Cynthia L. Bolton, Mr. and Mrs. Neil Carothers III, Samantha W. Corrigan, Emily RaeLockhart, and Shelley C. Rodgers

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Sam Corrigan, Cynthia Bolton, Shelley Rodgers & Lele Lockhart


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