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15th Annual Fall Swine on the Vine
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A Day Out with the Good Old Boys

The Capital Club held its 15th Annual Fall "Swine on the Vine" beer and barbeque at the Potomac Polo Club in Poolesville, Maryland. Beautiful weather, a bucolic setting and live rock music provided by Kevin Ogilby of Dallas, Texas and Less Traveled of Northern Virginia contributed to a splendid day outdoors. Founded in 1980, the Capital Club's board-selected membership of 100 seek to promote a philosophy of kindness, dedication and Nietzschian existentialism throughout the D.C. area. When asked about the club's interest in expanding its philanthropic endeavors as stated on its website, Club President Andrew Sprague stated, "We're really more of a social/networking club, but when we do more than break even, we donate the leftover funds to charity."

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